Sunday 21 October 2018

Crazyhouse Puzzles on Lichess

As some of you might know, I collect instructive crazyhouse positions on Lichess (under the Seirawan-Student handle) to share with you on, as well as over on Discord. So if I post a puzzle here, I can direct you over to the Lichess study to see the solution. As well as mating attacks, I also try to feature defensive ideas, positional ideas and occasionally even full-game annotations. Also Lichess enables direct embedding of chapters from its studies in this blog, so you can sometimes move the pieces to play through a position directly on this site. Each Lichess study can hold up to 64 chapters and we have shared several such studies, especially in our recap posts of the 2018 Crazyhouse World Championship. The only drawback is that if the reader wants to try to work out the best move for themselves, then they don’t want to see the study (because it’s hard to ignore the moves). 

And this is where “Practice against the Computer” studies come in! Until now, the only place to do crazyhouse puzzles was the dedicated crazyhouse puzzles site created by ProgramFox, one of the Lichess developers. But below are links to over 180 crazyhouse puzzles which you can practice on Lichess directly (and more will be in the making):

Practice Against Computer Studies:
Based on the league organised by Zher0:
First ZH10+10 League (25 puzzles)

Based on highlights from the 2018 CWC:
Round 1 Puzzles (15 puzzles)
Round 2 Puzzles (26 puzzles)
Round 3 Puzzles (21 puzzles)
Round 4 Puzzles (17 puzzles)
Round 5 Puzzles (18 puzzles)

To see the solutions, either click on hint/solution within the practice-against-computer study above, or see the variations elaborated in the following studies:

Highlight Studies:

You can see me doing some of these puzzles in my live streams.

Puzzle Streams:
Crazyhouse Puzzles! 3 

I will continue to update Index of Studies where you can find practice against computer studies to practice with, along with links to the full solution studies and any associated videos or blogs.

Monday 8 October 2018

Half-Time Recap of the 2018 CWC Candidates Round-Robin

Just past the halfway stage of the 2018 Crazyhouse World Championship, the following matches have been played (all times in GMT) and there follows a three and a half hour video recap (in two parts) of game highlights as well as instructive positions and mates missed and found, along with accompanying lichess studies, including a practice against the computer study to test your mating skills against the computer. I’ve tried not to spoil too many of the solutions in the videos.


21st August 19:30 opperwezen - littleplotkin 8-2, first gamevideo (opperwezen)
23rd August 19:00 xuanet - JKtheBullfrog 5-5, first game, video (opper)
24th August 17:00 opperwezen - xuanet 7-3, first game, video (opper)
26th August 19:00 TwelveTeen - opperwezen 4-6, first game, video (opper) video (JannLee)
31 August 14:00 littleplotkin - gsvc 4-6, first game, video (JannLee & GM Yasser Seirawan)
31 August 19:00 gsvc - opperwezen 2-8, first game, video (opperwezen) video (JannLee & Yasser)
1st September 20:00 TwelveTeen - Kleerkast 6-4, first game, video (JannLee & Yasser)
2nd September 15:00 gsvc - Kleerkast 6-4, first gamevideo (okei)
2nd September 18:00 TwelveTeen - sexy_and_i_know_it 8-2, first game, video (JannLee & Yasser)
3rd September 19:00 gsvc - TwelveTeen 5-5, first game, video (okei)
5th September 03:00 TwelveTeen - littleplotkin 6-4, first game, video (okei)
7th September 19:00 opperwezen - Kleerkast 7-3, first game, video (opper) video (JannLee & Yasser)
8th September 14:00 gsvc - sexy_and_i_know_it 6-4, first game, video (JannLee)
8th September 19:00 blitzbullet - TwelveTeen 1-9, first game, video (okei)
9th September 13:00 sexy_and_i_know_it - Kleerkast 7-3: first game, video (okei)
9th September 15:00 JKtheBullfrog - gsvc 2-8, first game, video (okei)
13th September 17:00 JKtheBullfrog - opperwezen 4-6, first game, video (okei)
14th September 16:00 xuanet - gsvc 4-6, first game, video (okei)
15th September 12:00 mastertan - sexy_and_i_know_it 4-6, first game, video (JannLee)
15th September 22:00 xuanet - TwelveTeen 2-8, first game, video (zhbruhs)
16th September 00:00 gsvc - mastertan 6-4, first game, video (zhbruhs)
16th September 14:00 blitzbullet - gsvc, first game, video (crptone)
23rd September 12:00 opperwezen - mastertan 8-2, first game, video (okei) video (opper)
23rd September 22:00 TwelveTeen - mastertan 7-3, first game, video (zhbruhs)
28th September 09:00 mastertan - xuanet 4-6, first game, video (okei) analysis (okei)
30th September 10:00 Kleerkast - mastertan 6-4, first game, video (JannLee)

Update of Subsequent Matches:

4th October 04:30 TwelveTeen - JKtheBullfrog 5-5, first game, video (okei)
5th October 16:30 xuanet - sexy_and_i_know_it 6-4, first game, video (crosky)
7th October 14:00 blitzbullet - Kleerkast 3-7, first game, video (okei)
9th October 12:00 littleplotkin - sexy_and_i_know_it 7-3, first game, video (okei)
13th October 13:00 sexy_and_i_know_it - blitzbullet 4-6, first game, video (JannLee)
13th October 15:00 xuanet - blitzbullet 5-5, first game, video (okei)
13th October 19:00 Fumitoks - opperwezen 4-6, first game, video (JannLee)
14th October 12:00 littleplotkin - Kleerkast 7.5-2.5, first game, video (okei)
14th October 16:00 Fumitoks - xuanet 7-3, first game, video (JannLee)
18th October 14:00 sexy_and_I_know_it - opperwezen 5-5, first game, video (JannLee)
20th October 13:00 Fumitoks - mastertan 5-5, first game, video (okei)
21st October 14:00 Fumitoks - Kleerkast 6-4, first game, video (JannLee)
21st October 16:00 Fumitoks - sexy_and_i_know_it 7-3, first game, video (okei)
22nd October 16:00 xuanet - littleplotkin 4-6, first game, video ()
23rd October 02:00 littleplotkin - mastertan 5-5, first game, video ()

Recap Part 1 (okei feat. opperwezen):

Recap Part 2 (okei):

Studies of Highlights from the CWC Candidates:

Part 3 will follow from the games not yet played.

Instead of playing through the highlights, we would like to encourage you the reader to try to play some of the mating combinations against the computer in this special against the computer study:

Have a go at the computer study before looking at Parts 1 and 2 above, where as well as puzzle solutions, you can also find annotated games and other instructive variations.

Useful Links:
—okei (with help from MMichael & opperwezen)

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