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For crazyhouse puzzles and crazyhouse 960, I recommend the chessvariants site created by ProgramFox, one of the Lichess developers. But below are links to hundreds of crazyhouse puzzles which you can practice on Lichess directly (and more will be in the making):

Practice Against Computer Studies:

Based on the league organised by Zher0:
First ZH10+10 League (25 puzzles)
Second ZH10+10 League (17 puzzles)
Third ZH10+10 League (ch. 40-51: 12 puzzles)

Based on highlights from the 2018 CWC:
Round 1 Puzzles (15 puzzles)
Round 2 Puzzles (26 puzzles)
Round 3 Puzzles (21 puzzles)
Round 4 Puzzles (17 puzzles)
Round 5 Puzzles (18 puzzles)

Spot the Move Series:
Spot the Move #1 (positional: 37 puzzles)
Spot the Move #2 (opper to move: 12 puzzles) 


To see the solutions, either click on hint/solution within the practice-against-computer study above, or see the variations elaborated in the following studies, or read the associated blogs which sometimes include hints and watch the videos:

Full Studies with Blog & Video Links:

CWC Round 1                      blog
CWC Round 2                      blog
CWC Round 3                      blog
CWC Round 4                      blog
CWC Round 5                      blog
CWC Candidates 1                          video (1)     video (2)
CWC Candidates 2              blog     video (1)     video (2)
CWC Candidates 4              blog     video
CWC 2018 Final                  blog     video (game 1)     video

Spot the Move #1                blog
Spot the Move #2                blog

1+0 CWC Knockout             blog     video

JL & TT vs The World          blog     video(W)     video(JL)
CrazyAra                              blog     video

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