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For practicing crazyhouse puzzles and playing zh960, I recommend the chessvariants site created by ProgramFox, which has now incorporated puzzle tags (although for game play pychess is even nicer with zh960, s-chess, capahouse and much more). But you can also practice crazyhouse puzzles on lichess directly in the following specially created studies:

Practice Against Computer Studies:

Based on the league originally organised by Zher0:
First ZH10+10 League (25 puzzles)
Second ZH10+10 League (17 puzzles)
Third ZH10+10 League (ch. 40-51: 12 puzzles)
ZH-ero Team League Season 4 (43 puzzles)
Season 6 Part 1 & Part 2 (78 puzzles)
Season 7.960 (50 puzzles)
Season 8 (20 puzzles)

Based on highlights from the 2018 CWC:
Round 1 Puzzles (15 puzzles)
Round 2 Puzzles (26 puzzles)
Round 3 Puzzles (21 puzzles)
Round 4 Puzzles (17 puzzles)
Round 5 Puzzles (18 puzzles)

Spot the Move Series:
Spot the Move #1 (positional: 37 puzzles)
Spot the Move #2 (opper to move: 12 puzzles) 


To see the solutions, either click on hint/solution within the practice-against-computer study above, or see the variations elaborated in the following studies, or read the associated blogs which sometimes include hints and watch the videos.

Full Studies with Blog & Video Links:

ZH League: Playlist
ZH-ero League Season 1             blog     video
ZH-ero League Season 2             blog     video
ZH-ero League Season 3             blog     video
ZH-ero League Season 4             blog     video
ZH-ero League Season 5:            blog     video: 1 2
ZH-ero League Season 6: 1 2      blog     video: 1 2 3 4
Season 6 Solution Study:  1 2      blog     video
Season 7 ZH League: 1 2             blog     video      
Season 7.960 ZH960: from 1 2    blog     video in progress
Season 8 Solutions, Highlights    blog     video in progress

2017 CWC 
organised by FischyVishy: Playlist 
2017 CWC Final

2018 CWC 
organised by FischyVishy: Playlist
CWC Round 1                      blog
CWC Round 2                      blog
CWC Round 3                      blog
CWC Round 4                      blog
CWC Round 5                      blog
CWC Candidates 1                          video (1)     video (2)
CWC Candidates 2              blog     video (1)     video (2)
CWC Candidates 4              blog     video
CWC 2018 Final                  blog     video (game 1)     video

Spot the Move #1                 blog
Spot the Move #2                 blog

2019 1+0 CWC 
organised by littleplotkin & JannLee: Playlist
1+0 CWC Knockout             blog     video
1+0 CWC Candidates          blog      video (1)  video (2)
The Final Part 1                   
The Final Part 2                   
People's Champion Part 1   
People's Champion Part 2   

2020 CWC 
organised by JannLee: Playlist
Crazyhouse World Championship 2020 in progress

Instructional Crazyhouse: Playlist
Crazyhouse Opening & How to Attack Weaknesses     video
Back Rank Motif       Solutions     ++     blog     video
100 Ways to Crush LeProfessionnel     video

Yasser Seirawan plays Crazyhouse: Playlist

Crazyhouse 960: Playlist

Standard Chess: Playlist
Geometry of Chess                                video
Lichess4545 Season 12 Recap              video
The Philidor Position                             video: 1 2 3
Astaneh Simul Rook Ending                 video
Mating Nets (Carlsen-Tang)
2020 Candidates: Giri-Nepo Endgame in progress

JL & TT vs The World          blog     video(W)  video(JL-TT)


2021 Crazyhouse World Championships Final

The 2021 Crazyhouse World Championship (CWC) reached its apex with the Grand Final between Champion  Jasugi99 , NM Janak Awatramani from Can...