Monday 3 December 2018

2nd Season of the 10+10 ZH-er0 League

As a spin-off of the Lichess4545 League organised over Slack, there is also a 10+10 crazyhouse league organised by Zher0. Each week, players play two games of 10+10 crazyhouse, one Black and one White, against their assigned opponent. Both 1.5-0.5 and 2-0 count as a win, while 1-1 is scored as a draw. The second season was recently completed, and this time I was the outright winner with 6/7, with a draw against Antic in second place (which I live streamed at the time) as well as against yago666 in third. The third season is just beginning this week, but if anyone would like to join with a first-week bye, then they are welcome to sign up by contacting Zher0 on the Lichess4545 Slack.

Final Standings (compiled by Zher0 & Highonpotnuse)

We enclose in this blog a study with 16 mating puzzles which you can practice against the computer, as well as a video in which I share the puzzles on stream. There is also a solutions study with shortest variations which I will share at the end of the blog. I reproduce images of the study puzzles here:

Puzzle 1: yago666 - okei White to move

Puzzle 2: Isachess - Seb32 Black to move

Puzzle 3: Isachess - Seb32 Black to move

Puzzle 4: FiveKnights - Zher0 White to move 

 Puzzle 5: okei - yago666 White to move

Puzzle 6: yago666 - colwem Black to move

Puzzle 7: Zher0 - gokuba White to move

Puzzle 8: Antic - yago666 variation Black to move

Puzzle 9: Antic - okei White to move

Puzzle 10: FiveKnights - Isachess White to move, but finish the mate for Black

Puzzle 11: Zher0 - okei variation Black to move, but finish the mate for White

Puzzle 12: okei - Antic White to move

A solution study with full variations included may be found here.


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