Crazyhouse World Championships

2020 Crazyhouse World Championship

2019 Bullet Crazyhouse World Championship

Champion: IM opperwezen (def. JannLee)
People’s Champion: Jasugi99 (def. opperwezen)
Exhibition Match: JannLee (def. Jasugi99)

Check out the official site and the draw of the 2018 Crazyhouse World Championship, courtesy of FischyVishy who is organising the event. 

Here is a live feed of upcoming matches in the crazyhouse world championship:

Here are the current standings in the 2018 Candidates Tournament.

You can watch games from the tv channels of the respective users on

For background and updates, see also the following links:
Many of the matches have been streamed. Here is a playlist of all the matches recorded from the 2018 CWC.

You can also go back and watch the 2017 crazyhouse competition streams culminating in the 2017 CWC final.

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